Support our efforts to make seniors care a priority

Life is full of obstacles and challenges — problems we learned to overcome thanks to the dedication and support from our parents and grandparents.
They were there to support us, to provide us with guidance and to be there when we needed them the most. Today, it’s time for our generation to support them as they face challenges in being able to access care services close to home.

A couple weeks back, I had the pleasure of visiting Sudbury to talk about seniors care, more specifically the need for improvements to our long-term care system. While I visited the community, I had the pleasure of touring Finlandia Village, a true gem and something we hope can be replicated across our province.

More than 40 per cent of Ontario’s long-term care homes are in need of renewal, a challenge that Sudbury knows all too well given the many examples of alternate level of care concerns brought forward by the community over the years.

Half of the homes in Sudbury are nearing the end of their functional life and require renewal. Although the province has a program in place to renew them, many challenges remain and bring about questions regarding these homes ability to redevelop.


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