Seniors group calls on province to fix up long-term care homes

he hallways at New Orchard Lodge are very narrow for 89-year-old Anna Dazé’s wheelchair. She shares a bathroom with four other women and she’s sometimes woken at night by a confused roommate with dementia.

The facility is an example of one of the many “dismal” long-term care homes that needs fixing up, according to the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA). The group visited New Orchard Lodge Tuesday with a message before the election.

“What all three parties have to realize is we need government to take this seriously and we need a solution going forward,” said Candace Chartier, CEO of OLTCA. The group, which represents more than 400 homes in the province, has to bring attention to what they say is a growing problem health care problem in the province.

“Every home in this province strives to provide safe, quality care and it’s very difficult – that much more difficult when you’re in an older home,” said Chartier, adding that they need more funding.

According to OLTCA, about half of the roughly 78,000 long-term beds need to be redeveloped in Ontario. Newer homes often have bigger bathrooms, brighter hallways and more space for activities and family visits.

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