Seniors deserve better home care

Anna Daze sleeps in a single bed tucked in a corner amid family pictures, one of three in a room with curtains the only privacy. There’s nowhere to have a quiet visit with her family; the only place to do a puzzle is a table in a cramped hallway.

Her sleep is broken — sometimes again and again — when there’s a confused occupant in the respite bed, awakening frightened, not knowing where they are.

Then, in the morning, she and up to four others vie to get into a bathroom so small the door won’t close when staff are helping a resident with a lift.

Then it’s time to head to the echoing cafeteria for breakfast, which comes out of a daily stipend for food of less than $8 per resident — $3 to $4 less than if the 89-year-old was in jail.

“Our only crime is that we’re old,” she said, hastening to add that the staff at nearly 50-year-old New Orchard Lodge in the city’s west end “couldn’t be better.”

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