Seniors' needs matter.

Ontario is experiencing an unprecedented surge in seniors who require care with all levels of daily activity, who are living with dementia and/or mental health disorders, and who need to be cared for somewhere more suitable than a hospital bed and more safely than at home. But health policy seems to have largely forgotten that seniors’ needs matter.

The facts about long-term care are clear.

1 %

More than 90% of Ontario’s seniors living in long-term care suffer from cognitive impairment.

1 %

Half of Ontario’s long-term care homes need to be rebuilt.


More than one million care hours are taken away from our seniors each year and spent on government paperwork.

It’s time to make change happen for seniors and for Ontario.

Ontario’s new government

For the first time in 15 years there is a new government in Ontario, presenting a rare opportunity to prompt conversations with new leaders.

Changing lives

Together we can empower policy changes to improve the lives of seniors today and tomorrow.

Making a system-wide impact

Ontario’s health system will benefit from the savings generated when we’re caring for our aging population in the most appropriate setting.

Our priorities for 2019.

Hire more staff.

Understaffed homes, overworked staff and rising rates of dementia and clinical complexity are putting a strain on today’s long-term care workers.

Build and modernize homes.

Ensuring safety and quality of care that meets the needs of residents by rebuilding today’s homes and increasing capacity for tomorrow.

Focus on care, not on unnecessary government paperwork.

Overregulation and compliance measures are affecting direct care hours.

The Ontario Long Term Care Association is the largest association of long-term care providers in Canada and the only association that represents the full mix of long-term care operators – private, not-for-profit, charitable, and municipal. We represent nearly 70% of Ontario’s 630 long-term care homes, located in communities across the province. Our members provide care and accommodation services to more than 70,000 residents annually.

Have a question about the campaign? Contact OLTCA.

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