Avalon Care Centre coping with ‘skyrocketing’ dementia cases

With the average life expectancy increasing, Canada has more senior citizens than ever before, and along with this increase comes a need for improvements in long-term care facilities.

In areas with a growing population like Orangeville, this means more people than ever put pressure on those facilities to keep up with a growing demand for available spaces and services.

The Ontario Long Term Care Association is making the Better Senior Care Campaign a priority for 2018 through a letter-writing campaign to the provincial government for consideration in the 2018 provincial budget. The Campaign’s aim is to improve long-term care by ensuring they have the resources they need to support residents.

“There are four priorities. We want to make sure that long-term care doesn’t get put on the back burner,” explained Dawn Rollins, resident and family services coordinator at Orangeville’s Avalon Care Centre.

The priorities in the current campaign include more care with more staff, better care with behavioural supports in every home, more care with more beds, and better care by modernizing long-term care homes.

Read more at Orangeville Citizen.

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