Andrew and Li

“What struck me was that many of the residents seemed to be hanging around in the hallways or by the nursing stations. They just didn’t have anywhere else they could be. Why is there such a huge difference between homes? And what is taking so long to upgrade all homes to the same standard?”

Andrew’s father Li has been in steady decline since the spring, and this summer he was admitted to hospital after he had a fall. They fixed his broken wrist but his dementia worsened and it became clear to everyone in the family that dad wasn’t coming home. That’s when Andrew and his sister Jen started visiting homes.

“The first one we saw was great. It was organized into units and each one cared for about 32 residents. The hallways were wide, and lit super bright. 

Each unit had lounges and activity rooms, and there was also a large two-storey foyer at the entrance, along with a fireplace and a small library. But the wait list for this one was six months long, so we visited another one just 10 minutes away that had no wait list.

We loved the director of care at this other one. She was very helpful and answered all our questions, but you could see this home was old. The corridors were narrow, dim and cluttered with wheelchairs, portable lifts and carts that clearly couldn’t be stored anywhere else. And the semi-private rooms were just two small beds separated by a curtain.

The people were great but the space definitely needed an upgrade.”

Solution: Build and modernize homes.


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